Welcome to Clubpresse-Auvergne

To be a journalist was my number one ambition as a child, I used to love watching the news anchor men and women who delivered cut-throat broadcasts from around the world. I watched in awe at those that got to go out on the road and report exciting and sometimes dangerous stories from around the world, wishing that one day it would be me.

I also loved creating stories from scratch, ether fiction or true-life events that captures a reader’s imagination and leaves them with wanting more. So, the majority of my younger years was taken up with the love of writing and there was never any question in my mind that writing in some format was the profession I wanted to be in when I was older.

In reality though, my career went off-track and I ended up becoming a PA and the peer pressure of socialising that took precedence when I hit late teens. But I have never lost the hunger for writing and after many years I finally completed my first novel; ‘Shadows In The First Light’. It is my best work and written mostly on the passion and enjoyment I have of writing instead of my knowledge of how to write properly, and how to construct good paragraphs. But I was young and for a first attempt, it is still an achievement I will always be proud of.

A Writer’s Blog

So why have a site talking about being a writer and journalist rather than concentrating on writing? Simply because I can do both. When you do something that you enjoy, untold hours are spent on it, and if I’m not reading a book then I am writing another article or non-fiction story in my ‘spare’ time. And when you have a passion for something, you want to share it with others and you want to aspire to help those that are struggling or would like to get into writing for either a career or for leisure.

And although I don’t see myself as an expert, I have learnt a lot along the way and even if a single line or paragraph helps one person, then this site is worth having a space in the virtual world.

And why the site name? An unusual decision but one that had an impact early on in my writing – Club Press (a variation of Press Club) was the name of my journalism group at school, run by a very talented French teacher who originated from the French region of Auvergne. She was an inspiration and a breath of fresh air in a lonely world of writing and I always believe that it was down to her that gave me the confidence to return to it later on in life. As for the spelling of ‘press’ to ‘presse’, I simply decided to keep in-line with its domain counterpart and went for the French spelling.

So I hope you like this site and if you have any comments or want to reach out to me, then please get in touch. Otherwise get that pen and paper, laptop or tablet out and start writing, even if nothing on it makes sense, get those ideas down…making it pretty can come later.